• Applying for FLO certification


    FLO certification provides access (www.fairtrade.net) to all FLO member organizations.  Participating organizations of small coffee growers must meet criteria consisting of requirements against which the producers will actually be monitored. (Look for Generic Fairtrade Standards for Small Farmers' Organizations on the same website.) Criteria include:

    • Minimum entry requirements which all must meet when joining Fairtrade, or within a specified period.
    • Progress requirements, i.e. show improvement over the longer term.

    Application procedure. The applying organization directs its request to FLO International.  The certification unit of FLO sends an application pack to the applicant, containing general information on FLO and the Fairtrade market, FLO standards, detailed information on the initial certification process and the application form. If the first evaluation, based on the application form, is positive, the applying organization will be visited by an FLO inspector who will examine the organization on the basis of the minimum requirements of FLO. All relevant information is then presented to the FLO Certification Committee charged with the certification of new producer groups. Once approved the certification will be formalized by means of a signed producer agreement with FLO and a certificate indicating the duration of validity of the certification (to be renewed every two years).

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