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    Is all coffee equally suitable for decaffeination ?
    Publicity around the reported find of a naturally caffeine-free cultivar raises a general question: are some coffees better suited for decaffeination than others? If so, would these perhaps offer a potential niche market? How do roasters select the coffees to be decaffeinated?
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    An exporter in Rwanda

    All coffees are suitable for decaffeination.

    There are no particular advantages for one type or origin over another and roasters select the coffee to be decaffeinated on exactly the same basis as they do all others: on the basis of quality and price. Thus there is also no particular niche market for any coffee that might perhaps show slightly lower levels of caffeine because, it would still have to be decaffeinated.

    If indeed a naturally caffeine-free variety did come onto the market then it would still have to satisfy the roasters' quality requirements as well.

    For more on the market and process for decaffeination go to 02.01.06, 02.10.05 and 02.10.06 (Link below)

    For more in-dept information visit for example www.demus.it or www.coffein-compagnie.de

    Posted 13 November 2004

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