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    How to register trademarks in the EU and what is the cost ?
    How can we register a trademark in the European Union and what would this cost, considering there are so many new member countries?
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    An exporter in Papua New Guinea

    First please go to QA 009 for an overview of trade marking principles generally.


    The EU speaks of a Community Trade Mark or CTM. These CTM's are valid in the Community as a whole: a single registration extends automatically to all 25 Member States. 

    This also means that you cannot limit the geographic scope to an individual country or to a number of individual countries - if you want this then you must apply for national registration in those individual countries.

    Alternatively, if you felt this to be useful, you could register your trade mark both EU-wide and in those individual Member States that may be of particular interest to you.

    The EU provides very extensive information at
    www.oami.eu.int (select your language preference) with many easily downloaded texts, including application forms and other guidelines. Applications can be filed electronically, they can be posted, couriered or handed in personally. The cost is approximately € 1,300.00 and must be paid in Euros.

    To note that already existing national registrations in EU Member States constitute earlier rights against an applicant for a CTM.
    The large number of Member States therefore requires extensive searches to determine whether or not your proposed mark has already been registered by someone else.The EU has licensed a number of firms to conduct such searches - download their details from www.oami.eu.int. These firms no doubt also provide details of national registration procedures in individual Member States.

    Posted 21 February 2005

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