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    How to identify technical consultancy services for the establishment of instant coffee production facilities?
    We plan to make investment for instant coffee production.We need technical and commercial consultancy. Can you help by giving name of such consultant person or company.
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    Roaster - Turkey

    First of all we recommend you view the following text boxes, dealing with soluble coffee: 02.10.02, 02.10.03 and 02.10.04. 

    The identification of technical consultancy services is beyond the scope of this website but the following organizations may perhaps be able to provide you with relevant information:

    AFCASOLE - Association des Fabricants de Café Soluble des Pays de la Communauté Economique Européenne/Association of Soluble Coffee Manufacturers of the European Union, at afcasole@coffee-associations.org.

    British Coffee Association, at bcainformation@btopenworld.com.

    Association of Spanish Soluble Coffee Manufacturers, at secretaria@tostadorescafe.com.

    ABIC - Brazilian Coffee Industry Association, at abecafe@coastalway.com.br.

    We recommend to be as precise as possible when making contacts, indicating in as much detail as possible what exactly you are looking for: design consultancy, equipment, technical assistance, brand development, licensing agreements, etc. Also describe your current activities in or outside coffee, the scope of your initial and longer-term investment plans, the end product you are aiming at, expected plant capacity, preferred type of plant…

    Information on individual service providers in these fields can of course also be found on the Internet, not only in Europe but also elsewhere. For example, at www.teaandcoffee.net you will find the Uker's Coffee and Tea Directory that includes names of equipment suppliers and other coffee related service providers.

    Posted 15 July 2005

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