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    Where to find visual information on the coffee industry?
    As students we are preparing a report of the coffee industry. I am looking for background information in the form of videos, DVD's etc that explain the history and the basic facts about coffee.
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    Student - France

    There are a number of organizations that provide such information (videos, DVD's, slides) but not necessarily free of charge. Apart from searching the Internet yourself we also recommend you contact the following, explaining why and for what educational purpose you require such material. This might improve your chances of perhaps receiving some free of charge…

    The International Coffee Organization, at www.ico.org. The ICO maintains an extensive library on all aspects of coffee, including visual materials. Visit also www.positivelycoffee.org. by the same organization.

    The European Coffee Federation, at www.ecf-coffee.org. The ECF website contains statistical information on the European coffee industry but in written form only.

    The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, at www.scae.com. Both written and visual materials.

    The Specialty Coffee Association of America, at www.scaa.org. Both written and visual materials.

    The National Coffee Association of the United States, at www.ncausa.org. Both written and visual materials.

    Of course there is the Comité Français du Café at snicc@cncafe.com in your own country, whereas Maison P Jobin & Cie in Le Havre at jobin@wanadoo.fr. publishes the well-known book 'Les Cafés produits dans le Monde" (also on CD-Rom).  Visit also www.supremo.be to see the 'Coffee Origins Encyclopedia'.

    Posted 15 July 2005

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