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    How to identify arabica buyers?

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    Exporter - Indonesia

    Most markets today use both arabica and robusta, in the mainstream industry as well as in the specialty industry (in espresso for example). For example, in 1990 just 14% of German imports were robusta whereas today's figure is double that.  Finland and Sweden possibly remain the only markets where robusta is not yet part of the regular intake of green coffee.

    The growing international trade in roasted coffee and coffee products between consuming countries themselves makes it increasingly difficult to determine the types of coffee a market uses, and in what proportions. As an example, go to www.ecf-coffee.org and look under Publications for the 2004 annual report of the European Coffee Federation to gain an impression of the scope and size of cross-border trade in coffee within and from Western Europe.

    World wide there are of course many roasters who only use arabica beans but we are not in a position to identify these as such information is not readily available. In any event we do not necessarily believe that arabica only roasters buy green coffee differently from those who use both: the arabica trade and the robusta trade each have their own characteristics and different criteria apply.

    The box 'I want to sell coffee' on our home page suggests how to identify potential buyers - to go beyond this exceeds the scope of this website. However, we strongly suggest you also read QA 032 in our Q&A Archive. This gives pointers on how to approach potential buyers generally, particularly also as regards sampling which is so important in the arabica trade.

    Posted 20 July 2005

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