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    What can exporters do to limit transhipment delays?
    Thank you for your QA 025 in respect of transhipment delays and costs pertaining thereto. Our buyer still expects us to assist him in limiting transhipment delays but what can we as exporters do about this, considering that, once handed over, the cargo is out of our hands?
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    The best advice we can give is to follow these simple rules 

    · Keep up to date and make sure your buyer knows not only what you know, but also as soon as you come to know it yourself! 

    · Ensure you choose the right shipping agent. One who will not simply book on 'friendly' vessels but who will offer the most efficient routing and transhipment connections.

    · Demand the agent monitors the cargo all the way, keeping you informed.

    · Liaise closely with the shipping companies, both coastal/regional and international. Usually, this is best achieved through the forum of an exporters' association, a coffee authority, a chamber of commerce or other such body that brings together a number of parties with individual but similar interests.

    · Conduct regular reviews of recent shipping experiences, highlight buyers' concerns and claims/comments, etc.

    · Stress the fact that, in the final analysis, all extra costs are for account of the producer.

    Nevertheless, there are no magic solutions to the transhipment issue: once a port drops off the international schedules of the major shipping companies, i.e. main or 'mother' vessels no longer call there, then that port and everyone utilizing it will have to adjust and make the best of it through improved efficiency and other cost saving measures 

    Go to 05 Logistics, for a review of shipping matters generally, and 05.01.04 for issues relating to freights and other charges. Visit www.inttra.com for information on cargo tracking and tracing internationally. Other useful links: www.cargosystems.net (international shipping press articles), www.ponl.com (P&O Nedlloyd website), www.maersk.com (Maersk Shipping Line website).

    Posted 03 August 2005

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