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    When does the coffee crop in Togo start?

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    Coffee being seasonal, the commencement of harvesting in all producing countries varies from year to year. However we estimate that harvesting in Togo usually commences in November/December. 

    Togo is a small producer of good quality sun-dried robusta, mostly grown by smallholders in the southwestern part of the country, along the border with Ghana. The well-known publication "The coffees grown throughout the world" by Philippe Jobin [1] gives the main harvest season as December-February with the first new crop shipments usually becoming available in January with the peak shipping period being February-March.

    As explained in QA 037, depending on when coffee is harvested and becomes available, the International Coffee Organization groups coffee producing countries into three distinct "crop years": October 1 - September 30, April 1 - March 31, and July 1 to June 30. Togo's crop year commences October 1 and the ICO estimates that 56% of the production usually becomes available for export in January/March, 34% in April/June and the remainder in July/September.

    ICO estimates put production in 2003/04 at 225,000 bags and that for 2004/05 at 180,000 bags, i.e. below the average annual output of around 285,000 bags achieved during the period 1997-2001.

    For more information visit also www.ico.org  and www.supremo.be 

    Posted 08 September 2005

    [1] "The coffees produced throughout the world" is available in French and English, in hard copy and on CD-Rom.  Contact   jobin@wanadoo.fr.

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