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    How to register a trademark in Japan and at what cost?
    How can we register our shipping mark in Japan and what would this cost?
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    Exporter - Ethiopia

    We understand that by shipping mark you probably mean a combination of words and possibly a logo. Please note though that if this includes a geographic name then you could encounter difficulty in obtaining registration. Go to QA 009 for an overview of trade marking principles generally.

    Extensive information on trade marking in Japan is found atwww.jpo.go.jp , sub-sitewww.jpo.go.jp/quick_e/index_sh.htm . 

    All information is presented in English but it is not always easy to determine exactly how a particular stipulation may apply to your case. Also, if your proposed trademark includes words or phrases then these will have to be translated into Japanese. Our advice is therefore to engage the services of a Japanese firm of patent attorneys to guide you through the process.

    At our request the All Japan Coffee Association (AJCA) has provided the following names of firms familiar with the procedure:

    Kuzuwa International Patent Attorney Office,
    Mr. Seji Kuzuwa and Mr Kiyoshi Kuzuwa
    E-mail: kuzupat@kuzuwa.com 

    Akasaka International Law, Patent and Accounting Office,
    Mr Masahiko Sumida
    E-mail: ailaw@nisiq.net 

    The cost of a registration is likely to be in the order of USD 3,000.oo or so but much depends on the complexity of the application, the amount of translation that may have to be done, and the period of registration that is required: five or ten years. At expiry renewal fees will become payable.

    Posted 13 September 2005

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