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    Can you include coverage of coffee agronomy and research in www.thecoffeeguide.org?
    We very much like the information provided by www.thecoffeeguide.org but would ask why it does not offer information on coffee growing, research and related subjects?
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    Grower - Peru

    Agronomy and research are beyond the scope of this website because we prefer doing a few things thoroughly, rather than many things superficially. Therefore we deliberately restrict ourselves to subjects related to the trade in coffee, already a huge subject by itself. Coffee agronomy and research are much larger subjects still. Including them would complicate the site, whereas it would be difficult to maintain accuracy over such a vast range of potential subjects

    The original commodity handbook 'Coffee, An Exporter's Guide' set out to provide interested parties in producing countries with solid, practical insight into coffee trade matters, including questions related to quality. Quality was included because of its huge importance in price determination. However, as our Home Page also makes clear, we do not deal with questions related to identifying buyers or suppliers of coffee. 

    Our team of volunteer experts is experienced in matters related to the trade in coffee, and subjects linked to this.  Adding agronomy and science would also require many more such volunteers from different disciplines, making the process very difficult to manage.

    Unfortunately there will always be questions that are outside our coverage - where possible we then try to direct the questioners to other potential sources of information. For example, we would recommend you to start by visiting www.asic-café.org, www.cirad.fr, www.cabi.org, www.fao.org, www.catie.org, www.cenicafe.orgwww.pestmanagement.co.uk, and www.cosic.org.  These offer a varied palette of information and in their turn include links to related sites. *

    Posted 19 January 2006

    * ASIC - Association Scientifique du Café; CIRAD - Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement;
    CABI - CAB International;
    FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN; CATIE - Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre; CENICAFÉ - Centro Nacional de Investigaciones de Café; Pestmanagement - Integrated Pest Management Resource Centre; COSIC - The Coffee Science  Information Centre.

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