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    Have new Pesticide Residues Regulations been published for Japan?
    On June 30th 2005 in QA 028 you advised that the Japanese government was revising chemical residue limits on green coffee imports. To date we have not found any further information on this - do you have anything new on this important subject?
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    Japan published new Pesticide Residues Regulations by the end of November 2005. However, as yet these are not posted in English on the Japan External Trade Organization's website - www.jetro.go.jp, heading Food Sanitation Law.

    There are three listings of particular interest to the coffee trade:

    1. Substances established by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as not posing adverse effects on human health (referred to as 'exempt substances) - 65 items listed;
    2. Agricultural chemicals which shall not be detected in any food - 15 items listed;
    3. List of maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticide in green coffee beans - 140 items listed;

    To note that green coffee beans containing agricultural chemicals over the uniform levels[1], or the maximum residue limits[2], cannot be imported, distributed or processed in Japan. 

    Of interest also is the fact that parties outside Japan can make requests to the Japanese government to establish or amend maximum residue limits in Japan for agricultural chemicals whose use is newly approved for green coffee beans that might be exported to Japan. (PFSB/DFS Notification No. 0205001, Feb. 5, 2004).

    The above is based on translated documentation kindly provided by the All Japan Coffee Association - we suggest you ask your contact in Japan to furnish you with a copy.

    Posted 31 January 2006



    [1] Uniform Level: the amount (0.01ppm) established by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as  not posing any adverse health effects. The uniform level is applied to all the agricultural chemicals  for which a maximum residue limit is not established.

    [2] Maximum Residue Limits: Substances used as ingredients of agricultural chemicals specified as 'not  to be detected' in foods = 2 above, and Chemicals for which specific  maximum residue limits have  been set for green coffee beans = 3 above.

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