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    How to go about identifying good quality roasted coffee for the Moroccan market?
    We import and distribute roasted coffee in Morocco. We are interested in bringing a good product to our market but roasters abroad seem to believe that, as a developing country, our market does not warrant offering good quality roasted coffee. How can we go about changing this perception?
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    Importer/distributor - Morocco

    The perception that developing countries are mostly interested in lower quality coffee is both wrong and damaging to the coffee industry generally. The International Coffee Organization in London (www.ico.org) knows this and spends considerable time and effort in the promotion of better quality coffee. Not only in established markets, but especially also in new or emerging markets that will have to generate most of future consumption growth!

    We do not normally answer questions dealing with procurement issues but your question is extremely relevant in that placing good quality coffee in front of people mostly results in them consuming more of it…. Which is good for everyone! And so we have three suggestions for you to consider: 

    • Read section 02.07 of the Guide that deals with the Brazilian experience in promoting consumption of quality coffee in that country. The Brazilian effort is very much worth looking at in the context of your own internal market in that 'coffee' needs to improve it's image - if you agree then download the 'Step by step guide to promote coffee consumption in producing countries' from the ICO site;
    • Determine in how far you and others in your industry are prepared to engage in promoting quality coffee in your market and, on the basis of this, contact the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe - SCAE (www.scae.com) for advice on how to go about establishing an SCAE chapter in Morocco;
    • Attend the SCAE Specialty Coffee Conference* in Berne, Switzerland, from May 19-21 this year and, armed with the results from your preparatory work, discuss potential business links with roasters attending this event.

    We believe especially the latter action will widen your access to suppliers of quality roasted coffee, particularly if from your side you can show some concrete thoughts on how to promote quality coffee in the Moroccan market. Hint: detail your requirements by drawing up a specification dealing with cup/taste quality, presentation (whole bean or R&G), usage (espresso, conventional), market segment, packaging (types, weights), branded or private label, minimum shelf-life, potential off-take, preferred transportation and payment methods, etc.

    Posted 8 February 2006

    * e-mail secretary@scae.com

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