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    Where to find coffee price information, for free…
    Where can I find information on coffee prices, for free?
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    Grower - Nicaragua

    Real-time price information is not available for free but there are many information sources that provide delayed price information at no cost at all. 

    The International Coffee Organization (ICO at www.ico.org) publishes four daily price indicators that represent and track the four main types of coffee available in the international market. See QA 068 in the Archive and topic 01.04.01 in the Guide for more on this. The ICO Indicators represent spot or cash prices, quoted for coffee that is more or less immediately available (or within a reasonable time-span).

    Futures prices on the other hand reflect the estimated future availability and demand for coffee as a whole. Go to www.theice.com for delayed arabica futures prices in New York, and to www.euronext.com for robusta futures prices in London.  Charts depict past price behaviour - a good source is found at www.futures.tradingcharts.com.

    Delayed prices usually means a delay of maximum 30 minutes or less, making it entirely feasible to monitor market developments but of course without being able to react - if this is what you require then a subscription fee has to be paid. Other sources include commodity futures brokers but again, unless one is a regular client or subscriber, real-time information is seldom if ever for free

    Day-to-day trading prices for different types of coffees are not usually available for free either unless one has contacts in the coffee trading community itself. However, for some coffees is it relatively easy to estimate an approximate price level by applying a historical differential vis-à-vis either an ICO Indicator or the futures market. Of course differentials also change and this is not an accurate tool. See topic 01.04.02 in the Guide for more on differentials.  Finally and perhaps your best option, in many coffee producing countries the National Coffee Authorities or Growers Associations usually provide price information for growers, exporters and other interested parties.

    In Nicaragua there is CONACAFE, the Consejo Nacional del Café, e-mail contact conacafe@cablenet.com.ni , Tel: (505) 270 3719 / 3720 / 4613 and Fax: (505) 270 3719 / 3720 / 4613.

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    Posted 03 March 2006

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