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    Can you give production and domestic consumption figures for Indonesia and Malaysia?
    Do the Indonesian production figures (Approx 7.8 million bags of 60 kgs.) include the Malaysian production? If not, what is their production, and also the internal consumption in each country?
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    Consultant - Colombia

    Indonesian production data published by the International Coffee Organization (ICO -www.ico.org- Indonesia is a member), relate to coffee grown in Indonesia only. Malaysia is not a member of the ICO and precise data are relatively scarce.

    Current production in Indonesia is estimated at about 7,8 mln bags with domestic consumption relatively static around 2 mln bags annually. Exports for the 2005 calendar year were 6,081,970 bags.

    For Malaysia different sources provide quite varying data that do not offer a firm confirmation of either production or domestic consumption. However… 

    ITC's Product Maps (www.p-maps.org #) use trade data provided by individual countries. P-Maps puts Malaysian 2004 green bean imports at 381,000 bags, valued at US$ 17.9 mln or $ 783/tonne whereas F O Licht's International Coffee Report (www.agra-net.com) puts green bean imports at around 1 mln bags in the 2003/04 coffee year (September/October). According to P-Maps Malaysia also imported 6,216 tonnes of soluble coffee and concentrates in 2004, valued at US$ 13.6 mln or $ 2,187/tonne, and a small amount (618 tonnes) of green bean was exported.

    USDA data (www.fas.usda.gov) put green bean production at around 800,000 bags whereas the FAO (www.fao.org) shows 2004 output at 653,000 bags. Other sources suggest different figures yet again.

    Malaysia is a substantial processor and exporter of soluble coffee and coffee extracts. According to P-Maps the country exported some 24,320 tonnes of coffee extracts and concentrates in 2004, valued at US$ 40.9 mln or $ 1,682/tonne. To note that for statistical purposes the ICO converts shipments of coffee extracts, concentrates and soluble coffee into green bean at a factor of 1kg  equals 2.6 kgs green bean equivalent or GBE. On this basis those exports equal some 1,055,000 bags GBE. But the data also show exports of 18,132 tonnes of pure soluble coffee in the same year (785,000 bags GBE), valued at US$ 28.6 mln or $ 1,578/tonne. If taken together this would give total exports of around 1,85 mln bags GBE…

    Using different available data, some of which have not been confirmed, one could perhaps approximate as follows, taking the production estimates by FAO and USDA as a basis:

     60 kilo bags GBE 



    Production *



    Imports **



    Soluble imports



    Total intake



    Exports soluble etc



    Potential domestic consumption



    *    FAO and USDA
    **  P-Maps and F O Licht

    The only published estimate for Malaysian domestic consumption we have found is 160,000 bags so all we can suggest is that domestic consumption is probably somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 bags GBE annually, mostly soluble.

    For the time being we cannot be more specific but will continue our research and will update this as and when new data come to hand.

    Posted 16 March 2006

    # P-Maps is also operated by the International Trade Centre - ITC, and is an excellent source of trade information for many products, including coffee. It not only shows trade date but also the type and value of coffee imports/exports for individual countries. To access this service (which is updated annually) you will first have to register through the website.


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