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    How to market specialty coffee domestically in a producing country?
    How to market specialty coffee domestically?
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    It is generally recognised that there is considerable scope for increasing consumption of coffee, particularly good quality coffee, in almost all producing countries. As a result, more and more attention is being paid to the promotion of coffee consumption by producers themselves, including the consumption of good quality and specialty coffees.

    Nevertheless, apart from promotions that some national coffee institutions pursue, like your own National Coffee Federation (www.juanvaldez.com) and Brazil's hugely successful Purity Seal Campaign (see below), we are not immediately aware of easily available programs that specifically target the marketing of specialty coffee in coffee producing countries themselves.

    However, realizing that a strong domestic market that uses good quality coffee is a huge asset to any coffee producing country, the International Coffee Organization -  ICO has commissioned "A Step-by-step Guide to Promote Coffee Consumption in Producing Countries". 

    This offers a complete review of the Brazilian experience to increase coffee consumption, including its emphasis on 'quality', and can be downloaded from http://www.ico.org/promoting_consumption.asp. It is a most useful tool for anyone wishing to acquaint him or herself with the Brazilian experience, and to learn how to adapt those methods to their own domestic market.

    To read more about the promotion of coffee generally go to section 02.12 of the Guide, and for more information on the Brazilian experience go to section 02.07. Note also that Chapter 3 of the Guide as well as a number of questions and answers in the Archive under the same heading deal with specialty coffee and some of the issues related to its marketing and/or promotion generally.

    Posted 31 March 2006


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