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    Where to find suppliers, specifications and quotes for complete roasting and packaging lines?
    Where to find suppliers, specifications and quotes for complete roasting and packaging lines?
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    There is a vast difference between the make-up and cost of large industrial type roasting plants and that of smaller ones, for example for the specialty industry. It is also unusual for a single manufacturer to produce roasting as well as packaging equipment. Both represent highly specialised technologies and you may have to make contact with a number of companies therefore.

    We cannot provide the requested information but would suggest it is relatively easy to obtain. For example, a quick look through one or two coffee industry magazines produces the following websites  - listing not inclusive and given by way of example only:

    www.probat.com - roasting equipment, Germany
    www.neuhaus-neotec.de - ditto
    www.probatburns.com  - ditto, USA
    www.diedrichroasters.com - ditto
    www.pinhalense.com.br - roasting equipment, Brazil
    www.lilla.com.br - ditto
    www.peamarketing.com.br - ditto
    www.scolarieng.com - Espresso roasters, Italy
    www.mpechicago.com/coffee  - Coffee grinders, USA
    www.ditting.com - ditto, Switzerland
    www.mahlkoenig.com - ditto, Germany
    www.samiac,com - specialty coffee roasting equipment
    www.ambexroasters.com - ditto
    www.fresco.com - Packaging equipment, USA

    To obtain a wider listing, including more details, visit www.coffeeandcocoa.net and look under Equipment Suppliers, or go to www.teaandcoffee.net and look under Ukers Directory and Buyers' Guide. Both provide a substantial number of names. Other information sources are relatively easily found by searching the Internet.

    There are also a number of trade shows you might consider visiting where equipment can be viewed, for example those held by the Specialty Coffee Associations of the USA (www.scaa.org - usually held in April) and of Europe (www.scae.com usually held in May). Other 2006 events include the 3rd Trieste Espresso Expo, to be held on 3 - 5 November 2006 in Trieste Italy (www.fiera.trieste.it/espresso ).

    Posted 5 April 2006

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