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    Can Internet Coffee Sellers be listed in www.thecoffeeguide.org?
    Is there a place in the Coffee Guide for Internet Coffee Sellers? If so, can one be listed in your links?
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    Roaster - United States

    The Guide provides information on subjects related to the trade in coffee, including marketing, mostly to people in coffee producing countries and entirely free of charge. However, this does not include marketing services or providing addresses of individual buyers or sellers *. 

    There are a number of reasons for this.

    • Our strength lies in our reputation for absolute neutrality, further backed by the fact that we do not engage in any commercial services whatsoever. This enables us to communicate freely with all sectors of the coffee industry anywhere, thereby obtaining the in-depth information and feedback that make the Coffee Guide the valuable tool that it is.
    • Publishing links to individual buyers and/or sellers of coffee could compromise this principle because such listings could be interpreted by some as an endorsement by the Coffee Guide Team of the people or companies in question.
    • And, following on to this, because we could not possibly list the potentially huge number of such links, how would we choose who to list and who not…?

    Unfortunately there will always be questions or suggestions that are outside our coverage. We regret that your question falls within that category but trust you will appreciate our reasoning.

    *Please see the box 'I want to buy/sell coffee' on our home page.

    Posted 31st of August 2006

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