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    Where can students find statistics on the coffee market?
    I am a high school student and I am partaking in my school's Business A-level project. I am investigating the coffee market. I am finding it very difficult to get statistics on the coffee market. Can you please help me?
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    High school student - United Kingdom

    It is quite easy to trace coffee statistics, for example by just using the search function onwww.thecoffeeguide.org. Also, chapters One and Two provide both global and individual country data up to and including 2005. You may freely reproduce any of this material provided you indicate the source. 

    In the Q&A Archive Q&A numbers 007, 057, 076 and 091 all deal with similar questions and provide suggestions on what to look for where.  In particular we would recommend to commence by visiting the website of the International Coffee Organization, the ICO at www.ico.org. The historical data available there go back many years and are very useful, for example if one wanted to look at trends. The site also offers much general information on coffee.

    The European Coffee Federation or ECF recently published its 2005 Annual Report that offers both a general market review and detailed information on a large number of individual countries - look under Publications at www.ecf-coffee.org. And of course there are quite a number of related links you can check out through www.thecoffeeguide.org itself, as well as through the ICO and ECF websites. Incidentally, just typing 'coffee statistics' into the Google search engine produces an incredible number of responses, in fact too many and you would have to refine such a search quite a lot.

    However, your question does not make it clear what aspect of the coffee market you are interested in. If for example your main interest is in your own domestic market generally then try contacting the British Coffee Association through www.britishcoffeeassociation.org . Alternatively, if you are more interested in learning about consumption trends then go to www.scae.com and ask to be put in touch with the English Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe
    We hope this helps - if it does not please feel free to ask a follow-up question.

    Posted 15 November 2006

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