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    Where to find charts showing coffee production areas and their ports of shipment?
    I am looking for a chart showing coffee producing countries. Ideally the chart should show the production zones and the ports of shipment. Can you advise me where to find such charts?
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    Importer - Switzerland

    Individual country charts offering this information are available but we do not know of a single, global map that offers exactly what you are looking for.

    Global maps available in print for purchase via the Internet include the World Coffee Map at www.maps.com and the Coffee Map of the World at www.allposter.com. Although interesting, these do not provide all the information you require.

    Quite detailed individual country maps are available in the FAO's World Coffee Survey. Although published in 1968 it nevertheless offers much information and is available for sale. The library catalogue reference at www.fao.org is Accession No: 108044, Report No: PL-, Job No: 51500 , Fiche No: 08044 Field library: LOWA, 00 storage AgStudies #76. The quoted price is USD 6.50.

    VOLCAFE Ltd, Switzerland used to produce a global coffee map, again not precisely what you require but nevertheless of interest. We suggest contacting them at www.volcafe.com to see if copies are still available. A more recent publication offering very detailed country information, including individual maps, is Philippe Jobin's 'The Coffees produced throughout the world' available, on CD-Rom, from P. Jobin et Cie in Le Havre, France - jobin@wanadoo.fr

    Web maps are available fromwww.supremo.be - see their 'Coffee Origins Encyclopaedia', and from the Specialty Coffee Association of America at www.scaa.org but, as far as we know only accessible for members. Another interesting source, offering very detailed maps, is at http://edcintl.cr.usgs.gov/geocafe but, for the time being, for a limited number of countries only.

    Posted 26 February 2007

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