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    Please provide data on coffee imports into Australia.
    How much coffee did Australia import 1936, 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1996. A breakdown of country of origin details would be helpful too.
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    Education institute - Australia

    It is quite easy to trace coffee statistics, for example by just using the search function on this website, or by reading chapters One and Two where Australia features in topic 02.03.08.  Alternatively, go to www.ico.org (website of the International Coffee Organization in London - click on statistics - historical data - non-member countries imports of green coffee in 60 kg bags).

    Selected Australian green coffee import data 
    533,000 bags in 1976
    686,000 bags in 1986
    845,000 bags in 1996
    854,000 bags in 2006

    Of the 2006 green coffee imports the largest suppliers were: Vietnam 285,000 bags; Papua New Guinea 172,000 bags and Brazil 130,000 bags. Interestingly, Indonesia only supplied 37,000 bags. Note that Australia also imports substantial amounts of soluble coffee and re-exports both green and soluble coffee as well.

    However, please note that this website is not a database but rather a source of information pertaining to the trade in coffee. As such only a small number of the most important trend statistics are provided and we do not engage in the kind of data search you are envisaging…  We would also assume that the information you seek should be available from the Australian Customs Authorities or trade information services.

    Alternatively, we suggest you contact info@ico.org to see if they are in a position to provide more detailed information.

    To note also that the International Trade Centre (ITC-Geneva) itself, operators of this website, provides a wide overview of the trade in many different products in individual countries, including coffee, through 72 detailed Product Maps atwww.p-maps.org . The statistics on this site are updated once a year but it provides interesting information on what goes where and it is a very useful tool for viewing trends. The site also offers market surveys, links to other information sources and information on selected companies. To access this service you will first have to register through the website.

    Posted 05 June 2007

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