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    Can you provide coffee import statistics for Morocco?
    I am a journalist in Morocco and am preparing a study of the coffee industry in Morocco. Can you provide coffee import statistics for Morocco?
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    Journalist - Morocco

    Morocco is one of the smaller import markets, importing some 600,000 bags of coffee in the calendar year 2007. Recorded total imports have been around this level for the past few years.

    2007 imports reportedly consisted of 584,000 bags green coffee, 10,000 bags GBE (Green Bean Equivalent) of roasted coffee and 8,000 bags GBE of soluble coffee.  Of the latter two categories 85% originated from European countries. *

    Of the green bean imports some 293,000 bags or about 50% came from Asian countries whereas 260,000 bags or 45% came from the African Continent. Latin American countries only supplied some 5% or so. This suggests that the great majority if not all of Morocco's green bean imports are of the robusta variety.

    Statistics indicate that the country conducts a fairly active trade in soluble coffee, exporting the equivalent of about 138,000 bags GBE in 2007. Of these almost 70% went to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. 

    Re-exports have been growing fairly strongly in recent years whereas total imports have been relatively static, suggesting that per capita consumption has remained relatively flat.

    * All quantities in this Answer, as well as in the Coffee Guide itself, are given in GBE = Green Bean Equivalent. For the conversion of green bean to roasted, soluble and coffee extract see topic 01.01.02 of the Coffee Guide: Conversions and statistics. Data in this Answer are sourced from the International Coffee Organization - www.ico.org, and F O Licht's International Coffee Report - www.agra-net.com

    Posted 08 October 2008

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