• Arbitration centres

    Under GCA rules arbitrations are held in New York unless a different GCA-approved location has been specified in the contract. Appeals are however always heard in New York.

    Under ECF contracts however arbitrations can be held in different countries, something that could make a difference.

    Even though there is one single European Contract for Coffee (ECC), there will always be subtle differences in interpretation, custom and national law governing arbitration in different localities, for example between London and Trieste. It is therefore important that the place where any arbitration will be held is agreed ahead of concluding a transaction, and is so stipulated in the contract. This will also avoid having to be a party to proceedings in an unfamiliar environment and, possibly, language.

    United Kingdom
    (see 07.09)
    The British Coffee Association, London
    Web site: www.britishcoffeeassociation.org

    Germany (see 07.10)
    Deutscher Kaffee-Verband e.V., Hamburg
    Website: www.kaffeeverband.de

    France (see 07.11)
    Chambre Arbitrale des cafés et poivres du Havre (CACPH), Le Havre
    Facsimile: ++02 35 220540

    United States
    (see 07.12)
    Green Coffee Association of New York
    Website: www.green-coffee-assoc.org.


    The Netherlands
    Royal Netherlands Coffee and Tea Association, Rijswijk
    E-mail: www.knvkt.nl.

    Union Professionelle du Commerce Anversois d’Importation du Café (UPCAIC), Antwerp
    E-mail: bvdaki-upcaic@skynet.be

    Associazone Caffè Trieste, Trieste
    E-mail: info@asscafe.it

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