• Arbitration panels


    All arbitrators are designated by CACPH and their names are made known to the parties. Arbitrators may not have any connection with the matter in dispute - if they find that they do then they must withdraw unless the parties agree that they can continue.

    For quality arbitrations and appeals: three arbitrators, appointed by the board of directors.

    For technical arbitrations: in the first instance three arbitrators and on appeal five, again appointed by the CACPH board.

    Parties to a dispute may challenge arbitrators only on grounds which arose, or became apparent, after they were appointed and must do so within three days of the event, failing which the panel shall stand as nominated. All arbitration hearings are private but in technical arbitrations the parties may be present or may be represented by legal counsel. They can also be represented by a member of the coffee trade but only with the prior approval of the panel.

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