• Quality arbitrations in Hamburg and Bremen


    The contract must clearly state where arbitration will be held and under which rules. Hamburg arbitration is more frequently used.

    Arbitration panel 

    Hamburg Private Arbitration in the Coffee Import Trade. Each party appoints their own arbitrator; together the arbitrators appoint the umpire. If a contract was concluded through an agent that agent is assumed to be the seller's arbitrator unless the agent appoints someone else to act for them. If the arbitrators fail to appoint an umpire then the chairperson of the Association of Hamburg Coffee Import Agents and Brokers will do so.

    Bremen Coffee Association. The association chair appoints four people from the roster of approved arbitrators: two must be importers and two must be agents, brokers or representatives of the membership category known as inland firms. A trustee, usually a legal adviser, is also nominated to organize the arbitration. This is to ensure the anonymity of the parties - the trustee is sworn to secrecy.

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