• Quality: Award and appeal


    An award must be made and the parties notified by GCA within five business days after a quality arbitration is held. If the award is to be contested, an appeal must be filed with GCA within two business days after receipt of the award, on GCA form D in triplicate, duly signed and notarized and accompanied by the requisite fee. No new claims or counter-claims may be submitted on appeal.

    All appeals are held in New York and the appeal arbitration panel consisting of five new arbitrators, so excluding the original three, is selected by GCA. The arbitrators grade and cup the original sample in the same way as the first panel to reach a decision. Their decision to uphold or change the original award is final.

    The appeal award must be made within five business days of the sitting and the unsuccessful party must settle the award within seven calendar days of the date of receipt of the notice of the award.

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