• Quality: Requests for arbitration


    Hamburg. Requests must be made in writing to the association. If asked to do so the Association will also appoint arbitrators or umpires. No time limits are laid down for these appointments but they must be made without undue delay.

    Bremen. Requests must be made on form A/B and submitted together with the original contract. Part A of the form provides details of the quality description; part B identifies marks and type names required for the conduct of the arbitration. The parties must present details of any quality guarantees given and submit sealed arbitration samples, drawn and sealed by a qualified body (i.e. independent, sworn samplers). If they wish to make additional statements they must do so on forms I (original) and II (copy). Both parties countersign the reverse of form I (although this does not signify acceptance of the other party's statement) but only form II is submitted to the arbitrators.

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