• Technical arbitrations


    Actions the claimant and the defendant must take. These are the same as for quality arbitrations, but the demand and response must be submitted on GCA forms A-1 and B-1. All relevant papers (shipping documents, correspondence, certificates, statements, etc.) must accompany these forms, which are available from www.green-coffee-assoc.org.

    Technical arbitration hearings can be held in person at any facility deemed acceptable by the GCA and the arbitrators, or by conference phone call, or Internet meeting site. It is not necessary that Arbitrators, Parties and their legal representatives, and the Secretary be physically present at the same location.  The Secretary will arrange for a stenographic record of testimony if this is requested by either party.

    Each party has the right to request an oral hearing. If they exercise this right, they may appear with an attorney and witnesses provided the arbitrators and the other party have been given prior notice of this and the arbitrators have not objected. The other party may then also appear with an attorney. The arbitrators always have the option of asking GCA legal counsel to be present.

    All oral testimony must be made under oath; the entire procedure is recorded stenographically. All communications must be addressed to the chairperson of the arbitration panel; no one is permitted to communicate directly with the arbitrators or witnesses, except with the chairperson's approval.

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