• Technical: Requests for arbitration


    Must be made in writing to the Arbitration Board of the DKV at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and must include:

    • A full explanation of the dispute and of the remedy sought; and
    • The name and address of the claimant's arbitrator and proof of willingness to serve.

    DKV informs the other party of the request, requesting a written response that must include the name of the arbitrator who will act for the respondent and proof of willingness to serve. Unlike some other markets, there is no fixed time limit within which the defendant must respond. Instead it is left to the discretion of DKV to set the limit for the first response, but once the arbitration panel is constituted then it sets all subsequent time limits. If a respondent fails to nominate an arbitrator then the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will appoint one as above. All submissions must be in writing: five copies for a three-member panel and seven copies for a five-member panel.

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