• The Chambre Arbitrale des Cafés et Poivres du Havre (CACPH)


    The Chambre arbitrale des cafés et poivres du Havre (CACPH) is the main arbitral body for coffee. CACPH conducts both quality (arbitrage de qualité et expertise) and technical arbitrations (arbitrage de principe). Linked quality and technical issues within the same dispute can be dealt with simultaneously in a 'joint arbitration' (arbitrage mixte). Requests for arbitration must be made in French on the official form provided.

    The parties to the dispute are bound to translate any document or information in another language into French. If legal counsel is to be involved this must be indicated on the request form. The rules provide for a two-tier system of adjudication: arbitration at the first instance and an appeals procedure. All time limits are calendar days and run from the date material is forwarded, including 72 hours deemed necessary for transmission. Late delivery automatically extends the time limit according to the delay involved.

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