• Export licenses, duties, fees and taxes, preferential entry


    Export licences

    Under both ECF and GCA contracts the exporter is not only responsible for obtaining export licences but also for the consequences if such a licence is later cancelled or revoked. Similarly, buyers are responsible for obtaining any import licences required.

    Duties, fees and taxes

    Both ECF and GCA contracts stipulate that all and any such costs in the country of export are always for the account of the exporter, irrespective of whether they already existed at the time of concluding the contract or were imposed afterwards. At the import end such costs, if any, are for account of the buyer unless the seller is in breach by not supplying required documentation (see below).

    Certification of preferential entry

    Certificates entitling the coffee to completely or partially duty-free entry into the stated country of destination (which may be different from that of the port of destination) must accompany the shipping documents. If they are not available the buyers are entitled to deduct the duty difference from the payment to the seller. They will only be obliged to refund this (less any expenses) if the subsequent submission of the certificate is accepted by the customs authorities in the country of import. (The United States and Canada do not levy import duties or taxes on green coffee.)

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