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    Imagine the electronic progress of a coffee shipment from sale to delivery as a highway along which there are a number of stops where different actions take place: the coffee is contracted, bagged, weighed, transported, stuffed into containers, cleared, shipped, invoiced, paid, discharged, cleared, trucked inland and delivered to the roaster. At each stop documents and advices are initiated and are slotted into the electronic master envelope that represents the physical shipment. When the envelope reaches the buyer it contains all the required documentation and the buyer pays for the goods.

    This is no different from the traditional way of physically collecting all the bits of paper and signatures at every stage and couriering them to the buyer or their bank. Except the electronic method is entirely secure, it is neutral and it takes much less time. It also provides a precise and instantaneous record of each step or action that is taken along the way, and of who takes it. At all times each party will know what has been said to whom and by who, thus avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes.

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