• Tenderable growths, differentials and delivery points


    Tenderable growths and differentials at TGE, Tokyo

    Tenderable growths 

    Deliverable at 



    Mexico (Prime Washed, High Grown, Strictly High Grown), Guatemala (Extra Prime Washed, Semi Hard Bean, Hard Bean, Fancy Hard Bean, Strictly Hard Bean), El Salvador (Central Standard, High Grown, Strictly High Grown,), Costa Rica (Hard Bean, Good Hard Bean, Strictly Hard Bean), Honduras (High Grown, Strictly High Grown) and Nicaragua (Strictly High Grown).

    Colombia (Excelso and Supremo)

    Brazil (type NY 2 and 2/3)

    All deliverable at contract price



    Plus 10 yen/kg

    Minus 20 yen/kg



    Indonesia EK-1 (G4a basis and G3,G2,G1), Thailand (FAQ) and Vietnam (G2 basis and G1)

    Indonesia AP-1 (G4a, G3, G2, G1) and India Cherry AB

    Indonesia AP-1 (G4b)

    Indonesia EK-1 (G4b)

    All deliverable at contract price

    Plus 12.5 yen/kg

    Plus 8.50 yen/kg

    Minus 4 yen/kg

    Delivery points. Authorized delivery warehouses are situated in the ports of Yokohama, Nagoya and Kobe.

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