• Delivery to FOB: FCL (or CY) terms in bulk


    Bulk shipments are made almost exclusively on FCL (full container load) terms. In only very few ports do shipping companies offer the service of bulk loading coffee that is delivered to them in bags. For bulk shipments, be aware of all risks already mentioned above for FCL shipments, and also of the following additional factors.

    • While the need to select a suitable container for bagged coffee is essential and obvious, this is even more so for coffee in bulk since separating out any damaged beans is far more difficult and expensive. In particular the container must be clean, free of taint, watertight, with locking and sealing devices intact. Only responsible, experienced and reliable persons should be entrusted with the checking of containers before stuffing.
    • Using the appropriate liner is essential. These are made from woven polypropylene or similar material that allows the coffee to breathe. The liner must be fixed to the container in such a way that

    1.  It does not slide out during tilting and emptying of the container;
    2. The liner's roof does not lie on the coffee;
    3. The bulge does not touch the doors but is well away from them (the bulging effect increases during transit).

    • The liner must be filled properly with the correct quantity and quality of coffee. The surface of the coffee must be as level as possible to provide maximum distance to the container roof, and to prevent the liner from resting on top of the coffee.
    • Sealing the container is a good option to secure evidence of what has been done. The carrier will probably also affix a seal - if so, check carefully that the seal is correctly applied, and the seal number is noted and mentioned in the shipping documents. (The European Contract for Coffee requires shippers to provide seal and container numbers in their shipping advices.)
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