• Potential sources of Geographical Positioning Equipment

    The Coffee Guide itself does not recommend any particular equipment or supplier. But a quick search on the Internet, using the key words: GPS Equipment Manufacturers or Suppliers, produces a huge amount of information.

    The amount of available information is however overwhelming and the best approach would probably be to make contact with the projects mentioned in section 03.03.02* to determine their preferred choice of equipment. Sources close to these suggest that Garmin International Inc. supplies many sets to coffee producing areas. Another leading supplier is Magellan System Corporation. Both of them supply simple but robust models. Other sites offering a selection of equipment include www.tvnav.com and www.thegpsstore.com but the list of potential supply sources is almost endless…

    However, in most countries institutions as the National Mapping or Geographical Survey Service and others, including some government departments, must already be using GPS equipment and should be able to offer advice on local experience and preferences. Especially for use in remote areas simplicity and durability of the equipment are of paramount importance. In other words, do not invest in unnecessarily sophisticated features that are unlikely to be used. Experts also recommend equipment that includes an altimeter for registration of the altitude, always useful in the context of coffee! In this respect to note that some of the cheaper models do not include an altimeter. Other points to bear in mind are: the accuracy needed to make the application viable; the capacity of the GPS to log field data; and whether or not the GPS can interact with most GIS packages (software).

    *Websites are given in the text.
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