UTZ CERTIFIED Good inside (until early 2007 known as Utz Kapeh = "good coffee" in a Maya language from Guatemala) is one of the largest sustainability programs for responsible coffee production and sourcing in the world. Founded as a producer-industry initiative, UTZ CERTIFIED is an independent organization. By setting a 'decency standard' for coffee production, and helping growers to achieve it, UTZ recognizes and supports responsible producers.

    The UTZ sustainability program is centered on the UTZ CERTIFIED Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is based on international production standards and contains a set of strict product specific criteria for socially and environmentally appropriate coffee growing practices and economically efficient farm management. Independent third-party auditors are engaged by UTZ CERTIFIED to check whether the producers meet the code requirements.

    UTZ CERTIFIED believes that increasing sustainability should also reinforce the independent position of farmers, which is why farmers are trained in the professionalization of their agricultural practice and operational management to improve the quality, volume and value of their crops.

    UTZ certification is available to any interested parties, roasters and growers alike. Interested growers (individuals or groups) receive technical assistance to help them implement the changes necessary to achieve certification. A web-based system, the traceability system, monitors the UTZ CERTIFIED coffee throughout the coffee chain, allowing roasters and brands to always trace back where and how their coffee was produced. The UTZ certification provides roasters with the assurance that coffee they have purchased was grown and harvested in a responsible way.

    Different from some other certification schemes UTZ offers a way forward towards a type of market-driven recognition that is open to all who can qualify, that is available to both mainstream and specialty coffee, and that precludes no one from participating. As a result an increasing number of coffee roasters and brands are now buying UTZ - CERTIFIED coffee. As of early 2011 companies in 42 different countries were registered as UTZ CERTIFIED buyers whereas over 121,000 metric tons of UTZ CERTIFIED coffee were sold in 2010, representing an increase of almost 50% over the previous year. By end 2010 totally 162.164 individual producers (in groups - mostly smallholders) and 476 others (estates and others) had been UTZ CERTIFIED in 23 origin countries. With this, the number of awarded certifications in 2010 increased by 65% compared to the year before, giving a certified production volume of approximately 394,000 tons.

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