• Tariffs and taxes

    It has long been recognized that tariffs and taxes influence coffee consumption. The coffee community considers tariffs and taxes to be part of a broader group of legal, political and administrative barriers to coffee consumption (as mentioned for example in Article 33 of the 2001 International Coffee Agreement).

    Significant progress in reducing tariffs and taxes on coffee imports into consuming countries has been made both through the various rounds of GATT and more recently through negotiations under the auspices of the World Trade Organization. However, while most tariff barriers have been removed for green coffee, there remain a number of tariffs imposed on processed coffee that continue to act as an effective barrier to importation of processed coffee into consuming countries. In addition there are also a number of non-tariff barriers still in place, such as quantitative restrictions and internal taxes that continue to inhibit consumption.

    See section 02.11.02 for World Tariffs on Processed Coffee.
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