• The importance of coffee promotion

    The promotion of coffee consumption world wide is vital. Competition from other beverages is intense and the total amount of money spent on advertising soft drinks, for example, far exceeds the amount spent on coffee. Well coordinated national and international generic (general) campaigns are necessary not only to encourage people, particularly in emerging markets, to take up coffee drinking, but also to retain the loyalty of existing consumers. This is not to ignore the fact that roasters world wide invest tens of millions of dollars in brand promotion, the costs of which are estimated to be between 3% and 6% of total sales. Although such promotion is not generic, it does encourage consumption of coffee in general. Nevertheless there is a distinct need for the entire industry to engage in generic promotion of the type as undertaken by the ICO, most recently in Russia and China.

    The ICO have also commissioned “A Step-by-step Guide to Promote Coffee Consumption in Producing Countries” which uses the Brazilian experience (see 02.07) and that of a few other countries to create a methodology to promote consumption, not only in producing countries but also in any emerging coffee market.  This comprehensive guide can be downloaded from www.ico.org.
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