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    Statistics are formally updated annually, usually all at the same time and mostly after about ten months. Pending this, interim estimates are given where available. However, these are drawn from different sources (ICO, F O Licht, USDA and others) and are subject to adjustment. 

    2009 Summary 

    • Population: 496.4 million  
    • Gross imports all forms 48.9 mln bags GBE (after deducting intra-European trade) of which  
    • Green bean 46.2 mln; R&G 0.7 mln and Soluble 2.0 mln bags GBE.  
    • The six top suppliers were Brazil (32%), Vietnam (19%), Indonesia (6%) Honduras (5%) Colombia (5%) and Peru (5%).  
    • Green bean imports per ICO grouping: Colombian Milds 3.6 mln bags; Other Milds 10.2 mln; Brazilian and Other Naturals 16.3 mln and Robustas 15.2 mln; *  
    • Re-exports: Green bean 1.8 mln bags; R&G 1.5 mln and Soluble 2.1 mln bags GBE.  
    • ICO data put 2009 EU per capita consumption at 4.67 kg 


    *totals differ due to rounding 


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