• Generic versus brand (or type) promotion

    There are several methods of categorizing promotional activities depending upon the ultimate objective. Promotion conducted with respect to a basic product such as coffee for the purpose of enlarging the total market for the product is termed generic promotion. For example the ICO campaigns in China and Russia did not focus on any one brand or indeed type of coffee but promoted all types and brands of coffee simultaneously. This helps the entire industry rather than just one segment or company.

    Brand promotion on the other hand is conducted with the objective of gaining a larger market share for a particular brand of coffee, rather than enlarging the market for every brand. Even if the promotion results in an overall increase in the market as a whole it still represents brand rather than generic promotion, as this was not the original intention. When individual producing countries use promotion to encourage demand for their own coffee, this cannot be considered generic either as it is merely attempting to influence decisions within the existing market about the composition of supply rather than attempting to enlarge the market for all producers.
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