• Back Office: Export and documentation





    Back Office: Export and documentation 

    Objective and method 

    When, where, how… 

    Expected result 


    Warehousing, Shipping and Documentation Personnel. 
    Concerned Marketing and Financial Personnel.
    Concerned Personnel from Customs, Banks and Regulatory Authorities.

    Demonstrate correct warehousing and physical export procedures, including containerisation, food safety issues and insurance matters. Demonstrate where and how to reduce delays and costs. 

    Introduction to electronic portals and the use thereof. 

    Pro-active sessions: Identify constraints and discuss potential solutions, including how to introduce these. 

    Through: On the job training; and formal group lectures. 

    Formal programme, during the off or quiet season. 

    At area or regional centres by local and international personnel, including personnel drawn from local shipping and banking circles, using standard teaching modules, as well as actual examples of 'right' and 'wrong'. 

    Approach: presentations, lectures and discussions. 

    Better appreciation of food security and safety issues, including the importance of correct containerisation procedures and shipping issues generally, including the importance of correct booking and stowage instructions; 

    Better understanding of how contracts, banking and payments all link into the physical export process; Improved efficiency in dealing with problems and disputes; 

    Improved communications, including the use of electronic portals etc, with shipping companies, port and customs authorities, buyers and so on. 

    Identification of constraints and potential solutions. 

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