• Front Office - Export Marketing





    Front Office - Export Marketing 

    Objective and method 

    When, where, how… 

    Expected result 

    Marketing staff.
    Senior Quality Controllers. Partly, Senior Researchers.

    Review all aspects of the post-harvest cycle, including quality assessment, especially liquoring, food safety and sustainability issues; 

    Demonstrate how to translate market signals into recommendations and advice to operators further down the processing and production chain, as well as to policy-makers and researchers; 

    Help improve participants' understanding of modern business administration and communication methods; Provide a basic insight into economics including the workings of banking, finance and currency markets; introduction to insurance principles and issues related to insurance; 

    Provide exposure to the use of computers, data collection and analysis; Give basic advice on how to set up and use a data bank; Outline the basic elements of market research. 

    Present a wide overview of different aspects of price risk management and review potential solutions suited to local conditions. 

    Pro-active sessions: Identify constraints and discuss potential solutions, including how to introduce these. 

    Through: Formal group lectures and stages abroad. 

    Formal, certificated programme, during the off or quiet season. 

    At area or regional centres by local and international personnel, including personnel drawn from local shipping and banking circles, using standard teaching modules, as well as actual examples of 'right' and 'wrong' 

    Possibility of follow-up stages with roasters and trade houses abroad for successful participants. 

    Approach: presentations, lectures and discussions. 

    Understanding that good coffee realizes the best possible prices through the proper exploitation of quality, correct presentation to the market and application of appropriate internal and/or external quality standards. 

    Better understanding of market mechanisms; the function and operations of futures markets; end user requirements; international availability of coffee and competition presented by other producing countries; 

    Better understanding of how to value coffee and target buyers, thus helping to improve marketing operations, marketing efficiency and market coverage. 

    Better appreciation of end user concerns and wishes, particularly in respect of food safety and sustainability issues. 

    Identification of constraints and potential solutions. 

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