• Wet primary processing





    Wet primary processing  

    Objective and method 

    When, where, how… 

    Expected result 


    Washing Station Managers, Supervisors and Technicians.
    Extension officers.
    Co-operative Personnel. Regional Supervisors.
    Quality Controllers and Inspectors.

    Show how to receive, sort, store and pulp cherry correctly; how to ferment, wash, grade and dry parchment.  Demonstrate the consequences of improper harvesting; of processing errors like over or under fermentation; the incorrect separation of floaters; allowing excessive amounts of coffee skins; using polluted water; over and under-drying; mixing of good and poor quality, etc. Demonstrate proper equipment settings and how to measure station performance in terms of yield and quality. 

    Introduction to sustainability and food safety issues. 

    Introduction to price risk insurance issues. 

    Pro-active sessions: Identify local constraints, including gender issues, and discuss potential solutions. 

    Through: on the job training; through group lectures; and fairly extensive quality control demonstrations providing a good overview of 'coffee quality' and 'coffee quality problems' 

    Staggered programme: partly before and partly during the wet processing season. 

    Locally and at area or regional centres by local trainers, using standard teaching modules, as well as actual examples of 'right' and 'wrong'. Possible intervention by international personnel. 

    Approach: mix of technical or hands-on, and presentations. 

    Better understanding of coffee quality, coffee liquoring, coffee markets and how quality translates into price differentials. Good appreciation of the link between wet processing and quality/price., and the need to be pro-active in all matters pertaining to quality and yield during the processing season. 

    Better informed about end user wishes and concerns, including sustainability and food safety issues. 

    Better informed about price risk and how insurance might help. 

    Possibly: identification of constraints and their potential solutions. 

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