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    The ICO established the indicator price system in 1965 to provide a reliable and consistent procedure for reporting prices for different types of coffee, as well as an overall or composite price which would reflect aggregated daily movements in the price of coffee. The ICO indicator price system is based on the four separate price groups:  

    • Colombian mild arabicas.  
    • Other mild arabicas.  
    • Brazilian and other natural arabicas.  
    • Robustas. 


    The current composite indicator price is calculated by taking a weighted average of the indicator prices for the four separate groups, weighted according to their relative shares in international trade. This method of calculation was adopted in October 2000; before that the composite was a straight average of the other milds and robusta group indicator prices.

    Calculation of daily ICO group and composite indicators

    Price basis: The daily arithmetical mean is taken of the ex-dock, prompt shipment prices for each growth in each market separately, then weighted as shown below. 

    Colombian mild arabicas 

    New York 

    Colombian Excelso UGQ screen size 14 

    Bremen/Hamburg/Le Havre/Marseilles 

    Colombian Excelso European Preparation screen 15  


    New York 46% Europe 54% 

    Other Mild arabicas 

    New York 

    Costa Rica Hard bean, , Guatemala  Prime Washed, Honduras High Grown,Mexico Prime Washed. 


     El Salvador Strictly High Grown, Guatemala Hard Bean,  Honduras High Grown European Preparation 

    Le Havre/Marseilles 

    Honduras High Grown European Preparation 


    New York 40% Europe 60% 

    Brazilian and other natural arabicas (Brazilian naturals) 

    New York 

    Brazil Santos  3/4 screen size 14/16 


    Brazil Santos 2/3 screen size 17/18 

    Le Havre/Marseilles 

    Brazil Santos 3/4 screen size 14/16 


    New York 24% Europe 76% 


    New York 

     Indonesian EK Grade 4, Uganda Standard, Viet Nam Grade 2 

    Le Havre/Marseilles 

     Cote d’Ivoire Grade 2, Indonesian EK Grade 4, Uganda Standard, Viet Nam Grade 2 


    Vietnam Grade 2 


    New York 16% Europe 84% 

    ICO composite indicator 

    Composition and weighting:

    Colombian milds: 12%
    Other milds: 23%
    Brazilian naturals: 31%
    Robustas: 34%

    The weighting of each group is reviewed every two years – for full details of procedures see ICO Document EB 3776/01 Rev 1 of 28 March 2002 and Document WP-Council 203/10 

    Source: ICO

    Updated 02/2011  

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